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Privacy Notice

In line with the new GDPR legislation, we would like to make you aware of how we handle the personal data we collect in the course of our business.

Processor:    Warren Garage Ltd
Data Controller:    Beverly Paling – Director

What Data is being Collected

  1. Identity and contact information, including first name, last name, title, email address, telephone number, delivery address or any other information you provide within your personal preferences to our staff.
    1. Financial information including payment card details.
    2. Transaction information including details about payments to and from you and other details of products and services you have purchased from us.

Legal Basis for Data Processing

An explanation of the legal basis for the processing of data is detailed below.

  1.  Legal Obligation

Where this applies, data is kept strictly in accordance with our requirements to comply to legislation. Eg HMRC / Auto Enrolment / Department of Immigration – right to work / DVSA.

  1.  Contract

In providing our services to customers, we need to process certain data. This is necessary in order to perform our core business of repairing and performing MOT’s on vehicles.

  1. Customer name and contact details are required in order to provide an estimate for work and to keep the customer informed in relation to their repair, eg if further parts are required or to let them know their car is ready to collect.
  2. Customer car registration details are required so we can order the correct parts for the vehicle and identify the particular job. The registration details also ensure we apply the correct costs to the correct vehicle.
  3. Occasionally we will ask for address details. This will only arise if the customer specifically requests collection / delivery of their vehicle as part of their contract with us.
  4. Email addresses may be taken in order to supply an estimate for work as requested by customers.
  1.  Consent

It is important to us that genuine consent should be given, giving a clear and open choice, building trust and enhancing our reputation.

Definitive customer consent will be requested for the processing of any data to be used for the purpose of marketing.  Within our business this includes the following:

Customer telephone numbers – for the purpose of providing a text or telephone reminder service. Specifically, this is to let customers know their vehicle is due an MOT or that their vehicle is due a SERVICE.  Customers will receive one reminder for either MOT or service each year.

Consent is given / not given in the following way.

  1. At the point of sale we will ask the customer for their specific preferences in relation to reminders and direct marketing (direct marketing is not currently practised.)
  2. We ask people for their preference to positively opt in or not.
  3. We specify what the consent is for and specifically what the purpose is.
  4. Records of consent are held within Garage Assistant GA4 software, which is saved locally and backed up within MS One Drive.

Withdrawing Consent

We make it easy for customers / staff to withdraw their consent at any time. and all staff are aware of how to action this.  Customers may request to withdraw their consent by contacting us, either by phone, email to reception@warrengarage.co.uk or in writing to our trading address which is 255 Frimley Green Road, Frimley Green, Surrey GU16 6LD.

  1. Consent preferences can be edited within the ‘customer privacy settings’  of our software. Customer privacy settings can be found within multiple screens, eg customer profile/ job sheet.  All staff have been trained on how to action this.
  2. We will act on withdrawals of consent as soon as we can but always within 48 hours.
  3. We will not penalise individuals who wish to withdraw consent.
  4. In the case of staff, any preference to withdraw consent should be raised with Beverly Paling. This will be actioned within 48 hours.

Data Sharing

Except as set out in this policy, we will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. Some of the data we process will occasionally be required to be shared with a third party as an essential part of being able to provide our services to you.

  1. Companies that help us to fulfil our work, such as parts suppliers are required to have vehicle registration numbers.
  2. Companies that provide payment services that enable us to process card payments.
  3. Our software provider who also provide our customer texting service.
  4. Government agencies, law enforcement agencies or third parties where we are required by law to do so.

How Long will Data be Stored

As part of our service to customers in both diagnostics and recommending what work may be required, it is necessary for us to store vehicle history. By this we mean details of all historic work we have carried out on that vehicle.  Our software also stores against each vehicle, the details, specifically, name, contact phone nos and sometimes email address of the customer who has brought the vehicle to us. In order to hold a full history of the vehicle, this data is stored indefinitely.

Where we hold information from our customers for the loan of our courtesy car, we keep this information for a period of 3 months only.

Data Access Requests

We are happy to provide details of all data held in respect of any customer.  This will be provided to the customer, upon providing proof of identity (proof of name) in the format used by our garage software ‘GA 4.’  It will be provided in printed form and forwarded to the customer free of charge within five working days.

Any data access requests from staff should be directed to Beverly Paling, who will provide printed copies free of charge and within five working days.


Any complaints should be raised in the first instance to the Data Controller or if preferred to the alternative contact shown below.

  1. Beverly Paling            Data Controller
  2. Colin Timms

If you are not satisfied with the way in which your complaint is handled you should direct your complaint to the ICO at  www.ico.org.uk/concerns/ or by telephoning them on 0303 123 1113